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Kids Help Kids
Creative Tools for kids to use in
order to help other children in need

children learning in Kenya
Students and their families can get their books, used clothes, tapes, etc together to sell. You can let people know that your are donating your proceeds to a worthy cause.
READ, DANCE OR WALK-A-THON: Collect pledges from family, friends and community members for each hour or mile students walk or dance, or for each book read.
TALENT SHOW: Hold a student-faculty talent show. Sell tickets. Advertise the event. Donate the proceeds.
ART SHOW: Hold an art contest where local artists and students enter up to three pieces of their art at $5 per entry. Try to get a local gallery owner to donate space for the event and recruit local celebrities as judges. You could also sell this artwork and donate a portion of the proceeds to your favorite organization.
FAST: Give up one meal a week or give up junk food for one week and donate the money to a cause. Get the school involved by going around to other classes and explaining where their money will go. Place large containers in each classroom in which students can place their change.
CAR-WASH: Students can hold a weekend car-wash to raise money or they can make themselves available to run errands, do yard work or walk dogs, etc. Have them make up fliers to advertise their services and explain where the money will go that is earned.
DONATIONS: On birthdays or holidays, students can ask parents, friends, and grand-parents to give them money to donate to special organization instead of buying a gift.